Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Beauty Products and Benefits!

Cruelty-free products are the talk of the town nowadays. No person wants little animals to suffer just for the sake of beauty products. Many brands have already chosen to cut back the harm they have been providing to the planet, especially animals. All in all, this mindset shift turned out to be a major improvement […]


 How To Exfoliate Your Skin The Right Way!

Skincare routine is never all about cleansing and moisturizing, in fact, a lot of other steps go into it. Exfoliation is one such essential step, but doing it quite often can lead to issues as well. So, what’s a balanced Exfoliation routine and what exactly the term means, is still a question that has to […]


Skincare Routine For Men – They Must Try Now!

The idea of following a proper skin regime isn’t drilled into men, at any stage of their life. But that doesn’t mean men’s skin can take up anything. The pollution out there followed by harmful sun rays can make your epidermis worse and splashing water merely won’t give a better result. And if you truly […]


Many Skin Problems – One Solution

Our skin faces several problems due to environmental pollution, poor eating habits, stress, and lack of sleep. Finding the right products that are effective and harmless to your skin can at times be an overwhelming chore. Most of the chemically prepared products come with some or other side effects. Therefore, it is better to look […]


Discover The Secret Of How To Hydrate Your Skin Naturally!

Are you tired of your dull skin? Do you often miss the skin you had in your early 20s now? Well, you aren’t alone diving in that guilt boat, but many are. Our skin requires a lot of water to rejuvenate every day. And one of the major signs to know whether you have dehydrated […]


Explore The Wonders Of Saffron For Your Skin!

The fragrance of spice literally delights every single person. Popularly known as ‘Kesar in Hindi, saffron is even amongst the most expensive spice across the globe. The wonder spice is not just used to flavor royal dishes but even has medical properties, followed by several beauty benefits.  No doubt why saffron is still a time-honored […]

Grandma's Secret To Healthy And Strong Hair

Grandma’s Secret To Healthy And Strong Hair!

Elderly people are known to take the best care of their hair and skin. As commonly said, they are a lot experienced about life and beauty too. They are even excellent caretakers and offer the best head massages. In many cases, we often have grandma massage sessions, where she narrates fairy tales and shares secret […]


Grandma’s Secret To Glowing And Ageless Skin!

Grandparents, the word itself brings a lot of emotions when heard. Being with them is similar to time traveling, one gets to hear smacking stories from older times. Perhaps today, even after struggling all day long, one tip from Grandma can solve a plethora of issues. They truly have a magic wand that can solve […]

Redensyl-How does it affect your hair

Redensyl – How does it affect your hair

Over 60% of the people suffer from hair loss in India. It’s quite common, especially amount men (though women too suffer from hair loss). The most common types of hair loss conditions are pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium (a sort of temporary hair loss) which can occur in both men and women. What causes […]

Anti Cellulite Slimming Massage Oil

The Indie Earth Anti Cellulite Slimming Massage Oil

Cellulite – Everyone has it (mainly women); No matter how fat or skinny you are. Cellulite has nothing to do with the size of the body. It is the result of dermatological fat which is skin-protruding into the dermis i.e.the layer of skin just below the epidermis (the outermost layer). As the size of fat […]


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