How To Exfoliate Your Skin The Right Way!

Skincare routine is never all about cleansing and moisturizing, in fact, a lot of other steps go into it. Exfoliation is one such essential step, but doing it quite often can lead to issues as well. So, what’s a balanced Exfoliation routine and what exactly the term means, is still a question that has to […]


8 Reasons Why Should You Exfoliate Your Body

All of us remember to exfoliate our face regularly; however, we forget to do the same for our body. Exfoliation is one of the foremost vital steps to follow for youthful, glowing skin. It is the most basic skin treatment for deeply cleansing the skin by removing dead skin cells from its topmost layer. As […]


How and why should you use a body scrub?

Everyday our body works to regenerate skin – getting rid of old cells and accumulating the new ones. However, if the old cells keep building up, it leads to dry, flaky, and dull skin. For clear and smooth-feeling skin, regular exfoliation is the trick. After all that your body goes through – scars and acne […]


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