Grandma's Secret To Healthy And Strong Hair

Grandma’s Secret To Healthy And Strong Hair!

Elderly people are known to take the best care of their hair and skin. As commonly said, they are a lot experienced about life and beauty too. They are even excellent caretakers and offer the best head massages. In many cases, we often have grandma massage sessions, where she narrates fairy tales and shares secret […]

Redensyl-How does it affect your hair

Redensyl – How does it affect your hair

Over 60% of the people suffer from hair loss in India. It’s quite common, especially amount men (though women too suffer from hair loss). The most common types of hair loss conditions are pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium (a sort of temporary hair loss) which can occur in both men and women. What causes […]


Brahmi – A wonder herb for your hair

Everyone dreams of long, thick, and lustrous hair, right? The Ayurvedic herb Brahmi can help all of us by making it come true. The Brahmi herb comes with a unique range of health benefits, the hair benefits that these simple herb offers are also quite amazing. It can be embraced as a part of our […]


Wonders of a Head Massage

A head massage makes us all feel fabulous. That beautiful and sound sleep one gets after a head massage session is incomparable, isn’t it? That’s the extent of relaxation scalp massages offer to our mind. However, its benefits are not just limited to rejuvenation. It turns out that scalp massages and customized treatments are helpful […]


Role of Protein in Hair Growth

Importance of Protein in hair growth You must have often seen advertisements of biotin supplements promising you healthier and shiny hair. Ever wondered why? This is because Hair is composed of a protein called keratin. And for Keratin production, Biotin is important. Keratin is the main material that forms the hair, nails, skin of our […]


Benefits of Bhringraj for Hair

In the world of Ayurveda, Bhringraj is known as the ‘Keshraj’ meaning king of hair. This is because of the miraculous benefits of Bhringraj for hair. It has been used since the ancient ages for gorgeous hair. It works wonders to maintain hair health and beauty. Bhringraj which is also known as the false daisy […]


Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth To Experience These Benefits!

An unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, and all the hum-drums around really took a lot of toll on most of the individual’s hair quality. But one of the common ingredients, which by far even older generations suggest for treating hair concerns is castor oil. No doubt, that castor oil is easily available on market, but should you […]


Five ways to improve the thickness of hair

The modern-day lifestyle and eating habits have made hair loss a pretty common issue. There is no solution to improve hair follicles’ form; however, there are many other alternatives that men and women can try to make the mane look thicker, lessen breakage and hair damage. Few people feel very strongly about caring for their […]


Sulfate shampoo VS Sulfate-free shampoo which one is better?

Most of the hair care products in the market these days promote themselves as sulfate-free. The term has become quite popular amongst brands as well as consumers. However, have you ever thought about what does sulfate-free actually means? How different they are from sulfate containing products, and what are their benefits? Well, if you have […]


5 Herbs that naturally treat Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common concern for people, especially in winters. There is no definite cause for your hair to fall out; it can be either due to hormonal changes or vitamin deficiencies. Sometimes medical diseases such as thyroid can also cause thinning of hair. There is no magical cure to prevent hair fall, but […]


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